Vehicle History Check Tool

Get peace of mind with a Vehicle History Check you can trust. Check a VIN quickly and get back the car accident history, finance status, theft status, trade-in values, retail values and many other important data points about a used vehicle in South Africa.

What will the Wheel Index Vehicle History Check actually check for my car?

Our Vehicle History Check will provide you with more than 30 data points about the history of the car, including but not limited to:

Stolen Car Check

Vehicle Valuation

Car Accident History

Car Specifications

Finance Status


Why you need a Vehicle History Check?

  • Theft Status - your report includes a stolen car check, cars are stolen everyday in South Africa. Get informed by knowing if the car is listed as wanted by the South African Police Service (SAPS).
  • Vehicle Valuation Data - comprehensive Vehicle Valuation data including Trade values, Retail values, Auction value, Cost values & historical transactions.
  • Specifications - confirm the exact specifications. We show the manufacturer details, warranty start date, engine number, original colour and much more.
  • Vehicle Finance Status - know if the car you are checking is currently under a finance agreement with a bank.
  • Confidence - buy your dream car with confidence by knowing there are no obvious red flags!

Wheel Index Vehicle History Check Report (Sample Report)


Vehicle2008 BMW M3
Mileage54,000 km
Accident Count3
Current Finance Bank/HouseMFC/Nedbank
Theft StatusCLEAR - no issues
Trade-In ValueR241,255
Retail ValueR276,624


Does the car description below match the details on the logbook/registration papers? If not, you should query the discrepancy with the seller if you intend to buy the car.

Engine Number20224212
ModelBMW 3-Series
Full nameM3
Colour (original)STANDARD WHITE
Body TypeSedan
Engine Displacement4 litres
Power309 kw
Kerb mass1680 kg
Introduction monthMarch 2008
Discontinuation monthDecember 2008
Warranty start year2008
Warranty start quarter1
Warranty period2 Years / Unlimited km
Service plan periodN/A / N/A
Maintenance plan period5 Years / 100 000 km
Servicing intervals - km

Finance Status

The bank owns the car until the loan is fully repaid if the car is still under a finance agreement.

Finance Bank/HouseMFC/Nedbank
Finance contract start date10 April 2017
Finance contract end dateN/A
Finance account number16753810001

Car Accident Repair History

Even though the data we show is comprehensive, the fact that a record of a accident repair is not returned by the system doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been in a car accident or been repaired; it may have been repaired by a smaller or non-approved repairer.

DateCityLicence No
19 Jan 2012East LondonFMG157EC
12 Jun 2016East LondonFMG157EC
5 Dec 2016Cape TownONBEKKWP

SAPS Interest (theft status)

Wheel Index provides information from the South African Police Service national car database on the status of wanted/stolen cars. These cars remain the property of the individual or organisation from whom they were taken. Never buy a car that is flagged on this register, you stand to lose it, together with all the money you paid for it.

CLEAR - no issues

MicroDot Information

MicroDot technology is a highly effective form of vehicle marking, it involves spraying thousands of the small dots laser etched with a unique PIN.

MicroDot fittedYes
MicroDot fitment date06 March 2008
MicroDot pinWBSVA92060E040162

Retail Values

This amount refers to the price consumers will pay when buying a car from a car dealership.

Retail Estimated Value:
R 231 000,00

Retail Estimated Low Value:
R 207 200,00

Retail Estimated High Value:
R 257 400,00

Trade Values

This is the price a car dealership will pay to buy a used car as stock or Trade-In.

Trade Estimated Value:
R 197 400,00

Trade Estimated Low Value:
R 177 100,00

Trade Estimated High Value:
R 220 000,00

Auction Value

This amount refers to the average selling price for this car when sold on auction.

Auction Estimated Value:
R 132 900,00

Price people are paying

For similar Make, Model, and Year as this car

Sale DateLicensing DistrictSale Price
18 July 2018CITY OF CAPE TOWNR260,000
01 July 2018NEWCASTLER250,000
4 May 2018CITY OF CAPE TOWNR310,000
26 January 2018ETHEKWINIR323,000
18 December 2017MAFIKENGR299,000

Download Sample Report - 138kb PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my VIN not found by the Vehicle History Check?

We do have limitations creating reports for older vehicles and very new vehicles (less than a year old), most issues are experienced with vehicles manufactured before 2005. We are working on improving this.

What is a VIN number?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number that gets allocated to a vehicle after it's manufactured, the VIN is composed of 17 alpha-numeric (numbers and capital letters) characters and no two vehicles on the road can have the same VIN. A VIN is also known as the Chassis Number of a vehicle.

How can I check if a car is stolen?

Simply enter the VIN details, make a secure online payment and the online Vehicle History Check will immediately generate a electronic report to your email and also attach a PDF document of the report showing the theft status. You will also see the South African Police Services (SAPS) status on the car, this will either be "wanted" or "stolen". We also disclose the SAPS case number against the stolen car.

How can I do a Vehicle Accident history check?

Our Vehicle History Check also includes Accident repair information against the VIN number specified, we show the city and date where past repairs were done.

How accurate is the Vehicle Accident data and where does it come from?

Highly accurate, we access data from 900 Body Repair companies in South Africa who carry major Vehicle Manufacturer and Insurance approvals, no personal information is stored or relayed and the provision of information is completely POPIA compliant.

Why do a VIN number check on a car?

A VIN number check on a car can reveal major issues that may be looming behind a used car you plan to buy. Our Vehicle History Check does a near-realtime stolen car check and aslo shows you the current vehicle finance status, very important information you need to know when buying a used car.

What is a HPI check in South Africa?

A "HPI" check is just a term used for a report that establishes if there is still any outstanding finance owed on a car. Our Vehicle History Check Tool will also show all finance information associated with a VIN. This information is retrieved directly from the banks and shows the bank name, contract start date, contract end date - this data is highly accurate.

Can I do a free vehicle check for a used car in South Africa?

Unfortunately not, all our services are paid. We also don't encourage you to do free vehicle check, you just don't know how trustworthy the data will be when doing this. Do a vin number check in South Africa with a company you can trust, we stand behind our products and provide the highest level of confidence and accuracy, try us.