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Car Advert Rating

Need more information about our deal rating? Lets unpack the inner workings on how we determine the deal rating for each car advert listing.

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Why do we rate a listing?

We analyze each car listings with an unbiased approach and aim to create transparency between buyers and sellers. We know everyone wants a good deal but don't always get one. We use the supplied information about the car and any other data we can retrieve to place an accurate rating label on the car.

How do we rate a listing?

We take into account all user-supplied information about the car, including the asking price and current retail value. We then compute this information with our intelligent deal rating algorithm which then assigns the appropriate deal rating label to the car advert. All factors about the listing are taken into account when creating the deal rating label and not just the asking price. Example if we compare two identical cars, one with a maintenance plan will have a higher rating than one with just a service plan. This, of course, is the case because a maintenance plan is higher valued on a used car compared to a service plan.

Why are some deals labelled "no deal analysis"?

This occurs with cars when we don't have access to the Retail value of the car that's for sale. The retail value of a car is required for us to place a deal rating on a car advert.

Do car accidents affect the ratings?

Yes, if the seller supplies the VIN we will use the VIN to check if any car accidents/body repairs have been reports for this VIN. We don't penalize listing with less than three (3) accidents massively. It's common for any used car to make a few visits to a panel shop in its life, either for a fender bender repair or a simple respray of a body panel.

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