About Us

The goal of Wheel Index is to connect car sellers and buyers using a savvy verification procedure.

Our business was founded in 2015, and we strive to be a valuable addition to the South African experience of buying or selling cars. We believe the used car market offers good value for people looking to purchase their next car and, indeed, statistics annually demonstrate that the secondhand market is a staple, important and large contributor to the overall car market in South Africa.

Many people are very skeptical about purchasing used cars and might often have good reasons to be. There are many risks involved. The biggest challenge is the fact that the buyer generally doesn't know the seller, and vice versa. Even if the seller is a Car Dealer, the buyer generally has very little information about the trustworthiness and reputation of the dealership. We use technology to equip our users with verified information about a car that's for sale.

The Wheel Index Vehicle Value Tool is the end result of a group of dedicated car enthusiasts’ desire to both simplify and simultaneously enhance the experience of buying or selling a car. A logical upshot of modern tech, available information and a strong client-centered ethos, the valuation tool app or is fast becoming a standard process when transacting nowadays, as it provides hugely relevant, needed information, is cheap to employ and simply enhances the overall tone of any car transaction.

Striving to make it easy, make it simple and most of all make it mighty quick to secure the intel needed for informed, confident car trading, we’ve recently enhanced user experience with the introduction of the online tool as a mobile app for even easier enjoyment.

Wheel Index seeks to strengthen the confidence and security of all parties involved in car trading, whether it’s placing an ad, getting a quick valuation en route to buying a car or when meeting a buyer. Aiming at the best possible outcome for all parties is what Wheel Index is all about.